Monday, 14 November 2011

Love, luck and wonder

I was recently introduced to a gorgeous baby wear company, Love Luck and Wonder. And if that name doesn't stir the imagination and encapsulate the mystery that is birth, babies and motherhood,  their blurb "we believe in unicorns, and fairies, magic carpets and one legged dragons" will have even the most cynical of us intrigued. 

The company, the brain child of two young creative mothers, has produced the most amazing range  of baby shoes, "Wild at Heart." Combining the fact that animal print is a universal mark of style (well usually) that transcends seasons and generations with the fact that anything produced in miniature is adorable, they have produced the cutest collection of pre-walkers you could imagine.

To make the decision process more difficult they come in seven equally captivating animal prints: ocelot, leopard, giraffe, baby pink giraffe, zebra, baby brown zebra and, of course, timeless houndstooth.

To all our followers as Christmas nears and we continue to ponder the bigger issues we wish you buckets full of love luck and wonder!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Blowin' in the wind

Rob, our of our frequent visitors, is a very interesting character - a self-proclaimed hoarder of enormous proportions, handy with a hammer and, would you believe, a boomerang maker and boomerang throwing champion.  Rob usually spends a bit of time chatting and listening to the enquiries of customers - if they ask for something we don't have, as soon as they depart, Rob says "I could make that!" 

To Rob's credit, he has produced some masterpieces including the recent paling fence backdrop for our spring window, our antler coat racks and fabulous timber stars last Christmas which were too good to part with. 

Recently, I asked Rob to make us three timber crosses to display our new range of clothing.

And by the way, the dresses are worth a look too!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Open sesame

I have always been fascinated with old keys, not to the point of hoarding and collecting, but something about the sight of a bunch of old keys grabs my attention and makes me stop and linger - if only momentarily.  There is an air of mystery and intrigue about old keys.  I find myself imagining, what did they open and close, what did they protect or hide, what secrets they kept, who did they give freedom to and who did they repress?

My earliest memory of keys and the power they possess goes back to my grandpas old roll top desk, with the key dangling tantalisingly from the top  lock.  I spent many  hours exploring the compartments and drawers of this Aladdin's Cave.  I think I also developed my passion for stationery on the floor of the study "helping" my grandpa attend to his "business" matters. This is where I learned the power of keys to reveal, to keep safe and to make special.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The real thing

Yes I know we are all so over anything that looks like a tram roll or bus scroll - if we see another tea towel, apron or supposed work of art we will scream! But of course this sentiment is not in any way related to the real thing,  so you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered the genuine article. 

These are increasingly difficult to source, especially ones that display some of Melbourne's iconic landmarks like the football and racecourse, and with destinations relevant to our own  history and area of Melbourne.

I was caught daydreaming wondering if I had even travelled on a tram displaying this actual roll -  God knows I spent a lot of time on trams commuting between school in Parkville and home in Malvern.  In fact some of my happiest times were spent on trams hurtling along Dandenong and St Kilda Rd.  In fact, it could have been on the tram the day I met my first boyfriend...!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Oh deer

Has anyone noticed that antlers, once the quintessence of mountain cabins and rustic elegance, is now the must have casual decor item?  The individuality and stunning sculptural element of antlers makes them an easy decorating tool - they simply display themselves.  They also lend themselves to be imaginatively handcrafted into chandeliers, lamps, bookends-  in fact, the possibilities are endless.

Initially I found this  proliferation quite troubling, I naively thought that for every antler  artistically displayed on coffee tables throughout the country, an innocent animal had suffered.  A little research, thank goodness, proved me wrong! Most male deer, I discovered, grow a majestic set of antlers every year, which they shed after the mating season as they no longer need them to impress female deer or fend off competitors.

With a small delivery of red deer and fallow deer antlers just arrived, and the main shedding season fast approaching, this is the time to either pop in and make your selections or join our list of clients who want to enjoy the artistic element of antlers, but still display their respect for these truly breathtaking creatures.

We are also taking orders for our faboulous antler coat racks/hooks. We have mounted them on beautifully weathered timber - the result absolutely stunning (and extremely useful)!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Another life...

One of the real joys of our business is meeting the many talented people who are happy to share their inspirations with us.  We recently met Steve, young, creative and contagiously enthusiastic, who produces the most intriguing jewellery fabricated from the most unlikely objects. His real talent lies in seeing the beauty and possibilities in pieces that the less imaginative amongst us would overlook or simply discard.

One of my favourite pieces (that didn't stay long enough even to be photographed) was a tiny vintage pill box, beautifully aged but with the details of the contents still legible (a cure for all aches and pains, we are led to believe) converted into a delicate locket.  The first person who saw it, a loyal customer I'm pleased to say, fell in love with it and bought it for a dear friend's 60th birthday.

One of Steve's most appealing designs is his driftwood cross. These are fine pieces of driftwood bound together with leather or twine. Some also have a tiny metal cross superimposed on the larger driftwood one. Wear it, hang it or simply place it on top of a stack of books.  

Another fascinating piece that I would love to share with you is this necklace fashioned out of the tiny, complex inner workings of a vintage clock.  To add to the intrigue, Steve has combined this with a beautiful, almost rusty, vintage key.  Keys often feature in Steve's work and represent  different things to different people, the key to my heart, the key to your future or simply acknowledge closing the door on a difficult  period or experience.

Steve's pieces are unique, usually quirky and made from repurposed objects that have had another life.  All, I'm sure, would have their story to tell.

Monday, 6 June 2011

What a welcome!

As soon as I opened the door this morning, I knew that our eagerly awaited new shipment of soap kebabs had arrived!  These soaps smell divine and bring the freshness and natural scent of the Australian High Country, where they are lovingly handcrafted, to the suburbs - what a way to lift your spirits on a cold bleak Melbourne morning.

100% natural and environmentally friendly, they are made from locally made Virgin Olive Oil, nourishing plant butters, soothing luxury milks, pure essential oils and organic herbs.  Not only do the essential oil combinations smell heavenly, you can feel your skin being nourished and moisturised with each use.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bloggers on "L plates" !!

Who would believe it ........ iphones, e-readers, even our own facebook pages (Val is leading in the popularity stakes with 3 friends!!) .....................and now with great excitement leaping into the realm of blogging.
All going well, we hope to share our finds with you regularly.....stay tuned!!!