Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Oh deer

Has anyone noticed that antlers, once the quintessence of mountain cabins and rustic elegance, is now the must have casual decor item?  The individuality and stunning sculptural element of antlers makes them an easy decorating tool - they simply display themselves.  They also lend themselves to be imaginatively handcrafted into chandeliers, lamps, bookends-  in fact, the possibilities are endless.

Initially I found this  proliferation quite troubling, I naively thought that for every antler  artistically displayed on coffee tables throughout the country, an innocent animal had suffered.  A little research, thank goodness, proved me wrong! Most male deer, I discovered, grow a majestic set of antlers every year, which they shed after the mating season as they no longer need them to impress female deer or fend off competitors.

With a small delivery of red deer and fallow deer antlers just arrived, and the main shedding season fast approaching, this is the time to either pop in and make your selections or join our list of clients who want to enjoy the artistic element of antlers, but still display their respect for these truly breathtaking creatures.

We are also taking orders for our faboulous antler coat racks/hooks. We have mounted them on beautifully weathered timber - the result absolutely stunning (and extremely useful)!

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