Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Another life...

One of the real joys of our business is meeting the many talented people who are happy to share their inspirations with us.  We recently met Steve, young, creative and contagiously enthusiastic, who produces the most intriguing jewellery fabricated from the most unlikely objects. His real talent lies in seeing the beauty and possibilities in pieces that the less imaginative amongst us would overlook or simply discard.

One of my favourite pieces (that didn't stay long enough even to be photographed) was a tiny vintage pill box, beautifully aged but with the details of the contents still legible (a cure for all aches and pains, we are led to believe) converted into a delicate locket.  The first person who saw it, a loyal customer I'm pleased to say, fell in love with it and bought it for a dear friend's 60th birthday.

One of Steve's most appealing designs is his driftwood cross. These are fine pieces of driftwood bound together with leather or twine. Some also have a tiny metal cross superimposed on the larger driftwood one. Wear it, hang it or simply place it on top of a stack of books.  

Another fascinating piece that I would love to share with you is this necklace fashioned out of the tiny, complex inner workings of a vintage clock.  To add to the intrigue, Steve has combined this with a beautiful, almost rusty, vintage key.  Keys often feature in Steve's work and represent  different things to different people, the key to my heart, the key to your future or simply acknowledge closing the door on a difficult  period or experience.

Steve's pieces are unique, usually quirky and made from repurposed objects that have had another life.  All, I'm sure, would have their story to tell.

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