Monday, 1 August 2011

The real thing

Yes I know we are all so over anything that looks like a tram roll or bus scroll - if we see another tea towel, apron or supposed work of art we will scream! But of course this sentiment is not in any way related to the real thing,  so you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered the genuine article. 

These are increasingly difficult to source, especially ones that display some of Melbourne's iconic landmarks like the football and racecourse, and with destinations relevant to our own  history and area of Melbourne.

I was caught daydreaming wondering if I had even travelled on a tram displaying this actual roll -  God knows I spent a lot of time on trams commuting between school in Parkville and home in Malvern.  In fact some of my happiest times were spent on trams hurtling along Dandenong and St Kilda Rd.  In fact, it could have been on the tram the day I met my first boyfriend...!

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