Monday, 19 September 2011

Open sesame

I have always been fascinated with old keys, not to the point of hoarding and collecting, but something about the sight of a bunch of old keys grabs my attention and makes me stop and linger - if only momentarily.  There is an air of mystery and intrigue about old keys.  I find myself imagining, what did they open and close, what did they protect or hide, what secrets they kept, who did they give freedom to and who did they repress?

My earliest memory of keys and the power they possess goes back to my grandpas old roll top desk, with the key dangling tantalisingly from the top  lock.  I spent many  hours exploring the compartments and drawers of this Aladdin's Cave.  I think I also developed my passion for stationery on the floor of the study "helping" my grandpa attend to his "business" matters. This is where I learned the power of keys to reveal, to keep safe and to make special.

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